SquareOne® NITRO Edition

SquareOne® NITRO Edition

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Meet SquareOne® NITRO Edition!

It's just like the original version, but designed to serve the frothiest of nitro beverages, including nitro cold brew, nitro beer, and even nitro craft cocktails. Ever heard of an Espresso Vodka-tini? With SquareOne® NITRO Edition, you'll be able to indulge in your favorite nitro beverage at home or on-the-go, and it fits conveniently just about anywhere.

Just like its predecessor, SquareOne®NITRO Edition fills and cleans just like a growler! It’s Square and it’s One Gallon capacity, which is designed to fit into any nitro beverage connoseir's fridge or cooler, anytime!

*Patent or Patent Pending* 

Weight  6.0 lbs.
Dimensions 5" x 5" x 11"
Capacity 1 US Gallon (8 pints)

All SquareOne® NITRO Edition package options include a transport cap and (6) 3.2 gram Nitrogen cartridges (cartridges not available for air shipping).

Optional- purchase cleaning tablets from a local brew shop if desired, but not necessary

Customer Reviews

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Awesome Unit

Great product, quality made and after a couple tweeks, it is working perfectly now after getting some good advice from their team.

Mitchell Rudzinski

Summer Scorcher Bundle

Square Keg's 1 gal size is great with a Beermkr all-in-one home brewing system

I really like that Square Keg holds 1 US gallon. So one can get a double growler of your favorite brew. Or even mix a growler each of two different types.
The pressure system has a gauge plus a valve. So one is able to control the pressure. One also knows when it is time to add more CO2 - carbonate home brew, or recarbonate beer you purchased. The valve means that I usually get two tanks from a 16 gram cartridge.
I use my Square Keg to hold the 1 gallon batches from my Beermkr all-in-one home brewing system. The Square Keg doesn't clog even with an unfiltered beer - the pick-up hose is on the bottom but the hose out is on top.
I also like how the Square Keg nicely nests in the fridge - low and rectangular, not tall and round like other growlers.
The Ultimate Bundle is the best value. (Also Summer Scorcher Bundle) You get both:
* The Standard Tap - traditional lever tap.
* The Party Tap - hose with a picnic tap like one sees on round pressure growlers.
* A neoprene carrying case and extra cartridges.
I went back and ordered a second Ultimate Bundle / Summer Scorcher Bundle because the first one is working so well.

William M.
Good product just needs polish

Good product but none of the taps line up nicely the co2 valve lines right up in to both taps.

Devin Grammar

Summer Scorcher Bundle