5 Reasons Why Everyone Loves This U.S. Made, Square Minikeg.

SquareKeg’s patented keg technology lets YOU take your drinks with you and it's portable, so it fits in just about any cooler or fridge.

This MiniKeg was specifically designed to instantly have drinks on-tap, so you can enjoy the draft beverage experience anytime and anywhere!
Made in the USA | 100% American Made
30-Day Money Back Guarantee 
Happy Customers
"Best tasting brew from a home keg that I have ever had! I have a favorite craft brewery that I go to for their Classic cream ale. I buy two growlers and bring them home to fill the nitro. Absolutely love it. And so do my friends. In fact I bought one of my friends a SquareOne for a christmas present"

Why SquareOne Users Love It & What To Expect

1. It saves them time when entertaining

SquareOne holds an impressive 128oz of your favorite beverage, which allows you to make 25 cocktails ONE TIME or even fill with 5 bottles of wine.

Pre-batch your favorite cocktail or fill with a local craft beer, and leave the bottles at home.
"Used this product all summer on the lake with family and friends. We used it for beer, wine and mixed drinks and everybody who saw it, loved it and wanted one for themselves. I think I’m the top Square Keg salesperson now." -Kevin O'Leary

2. They love the sleak, Square Design

Our revolutionary low-profile, "square" design means more volume in less footprint, so you can have 128 oz of your favorite beverage in your fridge or cooler.

3. They use it for any drink, in any environment

Unlike other large kegs or smaller drink dispensers, SquareOne can be used for ANY drink type and is a perfect match for any activity in your active lifestyle.
Nitro edition for the win! Hook up nitro cartridges for a frothy cold brew or beverage of your choice. Hook up CO2 and make any beverage carbonated. It’s literally the best of both worlds in one tap!

4. Three gas options ensure fresh drinks

No more FLAT DRINKS! With SquareOne, you have many choices to ensure you're serving only the freshest!
CO2 - For Beer & Carbonated Drinks
Argon- For Wines & Non-Carbonated Drinks
N2 - Cold Brew & Nitrogen Infused Beverages (Nitro Edition Only)

4. Three gas options ensure fresh drinks

No more FLAT DRINKS! With SquareOne, you have many choices to ensure you're serving only the freshest!
CO2 - For Beer & Carbonated Drinks 
Argon- For Wines & Non-Carbonated Drinks 
N2 - Cold Brew & Nitrogen Infused Beverages (Nitro Edition Only)

5. They LOVE how SquareOne is always the life of the party!

SquareOne is an absolute showstopper! When you unveil it at your next gathering, brace yourself for the electric buzz of excitement that will sweep through your friends. Its stunning design and cutting-edge features will leave them utterly captivated. Be prepared for your friends to be absolutely blown away as they experience the unparalleled style and functionality of SquareOne up close. It's not just an accessory; it's a catalyst for unforgettable moments that will make your gatherings legendary.

Perfect for parties, golfing, camping, tailgating, RV-ing, boating, or even just at home.

Does this work?

"I've tried other minikegs before, and they didn't work."

We hear you.

We've tried almost all types of minikegs & found that most of them did not work for us either.

This is exactly why we created the SquareKeg.

First, it is important to know that not all minikegs are created equal!

Unlike all others, SquareKeg is made in the USA and our customers constantly share feedback of the superior functionality of SquareKeg.

So why aren't all beverage containers like this?

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and investment to innovate and make new products and even more to produce high quality ones with superior function. This is why most mini kegs and portable drink dispensers you find in stores will use cheaper, lower quality components, which don't work well.

We wanted to make the best MiniKeg.

With SquareOne Mini Keg, we wanted to create the best product we could to help others to enjoy the draft experience in their environment. That's why we decided to use only the best materials, regardless of cost.

SquareOne is manufactured with the highest grade of Stainless steel on the market, which is the gold standard for the beverage containment.

That's why it has worked for over 98% of customers that have tried it! 
Best Selling Bundle $289
Made in the USA | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The reviews are in:

Best Gift Ever!


"Sherry's birthday present is pretty sweet and we're super impressed with it on our recent camping trip. We'll be taking this regularly on trips"
Life of the Party!


"Let me introduce you to my new favorite gadget- SquareKeg! An unbelievable product!! More than satisfied with my purchase!!"
Take it along with me EVERYWHERE!


"How to be the life of the tailgate? BYOKeg instead of BYOB. Love it! It’s THE TALK wherever I take it! Go Dawgs!"
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Here's how it works


Fill SquareOne

Choose your favorite cocktail, beer, cold brew, wine or mocktail, and pour 128 oz of it directly into SquareOne.

Install Tap and Add Gas

Our patented design enables you to keep your drinks fresh for days and pressurized, using co2, argon, or nitrogen. No other solution on the market can do this.

Pour and Enjoy

SquareKeg let's you take the party with you. That means whether you're golfing, camping, boating, RV-ing, tailgating, or just hanging at home, you can have 128 oz of your favorite drink- fresh, and on-tap. They’re also stainless steel for quick and easy cleanup!
  • With Labor Day Bundle:

  • Faucet Tap ($99 Value)

  • Party Tap ($79 Value)

  • 6 CO2 ($15 Value)

  • Free Design ($15 Value)

  • Free Shipping ($14 Value)

  • Risk-Free Trial



  • With Standard Bundle:

  • Faucet Tap ($99 Value)

  • 3 CO2($7 Value)

  • Free Design ($15 Value)

  • Free Shipping ($14 Value)

  • Risk-Free Trial



  • With Party Bundle:

  • Party Tap ($79 Value)

  • 3 CO2 ($7 Value)

  • Free Design ($15 Value)

  • Free Shipping ($14 Value)

  • Risk-Free Trial




Frequently Asked Questions


Because the world deserved something better! We've been stuck with growlers, which don't keep beer fresh, hokey pressurized contraptions that simply don't work that well, or large, cumbersome kegerators that most of us simply don't have room for.


Craft Beer, Cold Brew Coffee(SquareOne Nitro Only), Mixed Drinks, and even non-alcoholic drinks, such as iced tea & wine.


It holds an impressive 128+ ounces.  12-pack of beer, up to 25 cocktails or 5 bottles of wine.


SquareOne® is pressurized using 16 gram, threaded CO2 cartridges. You can expect to keep your beer fresh for up to a couple weeks.


SquareOne Original- Compatible with Standard Faucet Tap, Party Tap, and wine tap . CO2 only and not compatible with nitrogen. SquareOne Nitro- Compatible with all tap systems and gases.
SquareOne Vino - Compatible with C02 and Argon

What are you waiting for?

Fresh drinks, on-tap await you.

Made in the USA 
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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