5 Reasons SquareOne is the Ultimate Drink Container For All Boaters

   Ok, so I’ve never been a fan of people bringing food or drinks in the boat. Empty cans, half empties bouncing around and spilling, and even worse, when someone is mixing a drink and we hit a big wake- SPLASH! No, I’m not talking about the splash in the lake, I’m talking about the spilled liquor or mixers on the floor and upholstery. When I first invented SquareOne, I had an ah-ha moment for boating. Here’s why:

1. NOBODY likes trash in their boat

You like your boat? You like your favorite drink while you’re on the boat? You like cans and bottles cluttering up your baby? didn’t think so. There’s nothing more annoying than seeing empty cans and bottles all over.

 With SquareOne Mini Keg, you can fill with your favorite drinks at home and leave the cans, bottles, and mixers behind. It’s simple! Fill it, stick 1-2 SquareOne in the cooler, snag a bag of ice, and a few mugs with lids, and VOILA!

2. Spilled Drinks in a Boat Sucks

Hey! Not everybody is Mr. Clean, but I’ve never met anyone who isn’t somewhat fanatic about keeping a clean boat. When you have empties bouncing in the boat, or someone trying to mix a cocktail on the waves, you’re bound to have a mess. And when it’s hot, it all turns to a sticky disaster.

 That’s what I love about SquareOne. We’re able to eliminate the source of the problem and with the right insulated mug with a lid, we have zero spills and no mess.

3. Unmatched Convenience for All Drinks

Are you a craft beer lover? Do you prefer mixed drinks? Or something else like kombucha or tea? Pick your poison! With SquareOne, you just add your favorite drink and enjoy easy access on tap all day.

 And with mixed drinks, a little bit goes a long way. Batch 20-25 cocktails at a time!

4. A More Sustainable Option

America’s boating and wakesurfing enthusiasts have always been a huge producer of waste. Whether you lose a can or bottle overboard, it has a negative impact on our treasured waterways and on the wildlife that inhabit them. Choosing SquareOne as your onboard beverage dispenser will help to reduce the amount of waste generated on our boats.

5. The Reviews Are In!

While SquareKeg is relatively new, the reviews are flying in. People love how convenient SquareOne is to use and they’re obsessing over how enjoyable it is to have any beverage on tap, literally anywhere.

★★★★★     100+ 5 Star Reviews

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