Why was SquareOne® created?

Because the world deserved something better! We've been stuck with growlers, which don't keep beer fresh, hokey pressurized contraptions that simply don't work that well, or large, cumbersome kegerators that most of us simply don't have room for.

How do you fill SquareOne®?

Take to your local brewery, taproom, or growler fill station. Fills like a growler.

How do you clean SquareOne®?

Use hot water and a dash of dish soap inside SquareOne® and rinse well. Repeat the same with all tap components, EXCLUDING the co2 regulator. DO NOT SUBMERGE REGULATOR IN WATER.

How much does SquareOne® hold?

It holds an impressive 128+ ounces. Yep, that's almost a 12-pack.

What kinds of beverages can you put in SquareOne®?

Craft Beer, Kombucha, Cold Brew Coffee, Mixed Drinks, and even non-alcoholic drinks, such as iced tea.

Why is SquareOne® so cool?

Grab one and walk into a local brewery with it. You will see!

Will there be other, larger sizes of SquareKeg™s?

You know it! Follow us on IG and FB for new developments.

Can you force carbonate beer in SquareOne®?

You betcha! We will also offer more home brewing hardware in the near future.

What is the ideal usage pressure for dispensing carbonated beverages, such as beer?

5-7 PSI usually does the trick.

Why is the first pour a little foamy?

Because although SquareOne® is small, it still behaves like a keg.

Does SquareKeg™ ship international?

Yup, we sure do! However, co2 cartridges cannot be shipped via air freight, so you'll need to source them locally.

Does SquareOne® keep beer cold?

SquareOne® is a stainless-steel keg, just like larger commercial size kegs. To keep cold, leave in your fridge or place in a cooler with ice. Voila!